Friday, September 14, 2007

Bush to America: You're stupid.

Last night, trying desperately to gain public support for his failed war in Iraq, George W. Bush lied his ass off again. That was to be expected, considering the subject of today's entry, but here's where the boy tried to pull yet another of his fast ones. Last night the shrub stated that "forces in Iraq could be cut by about 20,000 by next July". But what gives the lie to this statement are two: omitting that the reduction was mandated by law, and by omitting that due to the inability of the military to sustain the "surge" beyond that time frame forces would have to be drawn back down to pre-surge levels anyway.

Bush wants to keep a permanent military presence in Iraq, and he will do anything in order to hand his mess off to whoever succeeds him in the White House -- forcing him, or her, to accept the imperial blunder that is the Iraq war as America's permanent foreign policy. But even with a still-compliant Congress writing him blank checks to keep his war going, the shrub still sought to solidify support within the legislature in order to keep enough Republicans from actually jumping ship and joining Democrats in efforts to end it. To that end, he enlisted one of his ass-kissers at the Pentagon -- General David Petraeus -- to lie for him earlier this week in order to paint a rosy view of how things are going in Iraq.

But things are not going well at all, and two of the seven soldiers who wrote an op-ed to the New York Times debunking the spinning of the surge's effectiveness have been killed, The Nation reports. What's more, neither the American public, the American editorials or the Iraqi public have bought the deceptions Bush and his latest lapdog trotted out this week. I don't know which of the multitude of lies he told is the worst, but for the shrub to suggest that he will bring troops home -- an action he had already planned to take for the reasons given above -- as though this is some miraculous concession he's decided to make, is for me the topper. Truly, the shrub thinks We the People are so utterly stupid that we'll believe him.

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