Thursday, September 13, 2007

O'Lielly lies some more about anti-war Americans,

Not sure how long this will remain up at O'Lielly's web site; I tried to do a screen capture but my laptop apparently doesn't have that feature despite having the button for it. UGH. Anyway, Bill O'Lielly is lying -- as he always does -- about the left's anti-war position. (Screen capture courtesy of Vyan at DailyKos).
Do you really think for a moment that any improvement in Iraq would be acknowledged by the far left, which believes the war on terror is largely America's fault? Those people will declare defeat no matter what happens. Moveon and the others are actually hoping for defeat.
Uh-huh. Right. Got some proof to back this up, liar-boy? No? Why am I not surprised? Oh, but wait, there's more! (Isn't there always?) Billy-boy then goes on to explain to us imbeciles what would happen if we leave Iraq:
Cutting and running will lead to another terrorist sanctuary dominated by the most dangerous country in the entire world -- Iran. The far left doesn't even think Iran's dangerous. And some on the right are in denial as well. I believe my interview with Congressman Ron Paul on Monday demonstrated that. And we have a link to the interview on if you want to see it.
Ah, yes, let's beat the drums of war against Iran again -- in spite of the CIA's own draft report from last November (brushed off by a naturally incredulous White House that sought to promote the same lies it told about Iraq's nonexistent nukes, but now using them against Iran) saying that there is no conclusive evidence of a nuclear weapons program. Never mind places like Darfur, where real estimates of the death toll are reported at 400,000; Iraq, where the invasion and occupation has cost the lives of more thane 655,000, with the death toll rising daily; or the Congo, where the death toll is closing in on four million -- literally the worst slaughter since the Holocaust during WWII. But hey, let it never be said that Bill O'Lielly forms his opinions based on "stupid things" like facts. The Fox Noise Channel's top liar closes his bile-filled rant with the following:
Iraq is the most important issue in America today by far. And you deserve the truth about it, not dishonesty to further political agendas.
Yet Bill O'Lielly continues to lie to Americans to further his political agenda. The hypcrisy's amazing, isn't it ladies and gentlemen?

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