Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mukasey, Giuliani, and the shrub.

It seems that the shrub is sucking up to Rudy Giuliani. Big time. How do we know this? Because the dictator has nominated one of Giuliani's creatures to replace departing fascist Alberto Gonzales.

Michael Mukasey and Giuliani go back a long time, when Rudy was a U.S. attorney with a penchant for prosecuting defense lawyers who dared take the cases of people he was prosecuting. According to the Washington Post, "Mukasey's public defense of Giuliani was but one example of the strong and lasting bond between [Bush's] nominee for attorney general and the man leading in the GOP polls to replace him."

As the Post goes on to report, "In 1994, Giuliani selected Mukasey, then a federal judge, to preside over his inauguration as mayor. The ties only strengthened after Giuliani left City Hall. Mukasey's son, Marc, a former assistant U.S. attorney himself, works as a partner at Giuliani's consulting firm, and Giuliani named Mukasey and his son to one of his presidential campaign advisory committees."

So what we have here are two boys who have a friendship not unlike that between Bush and Gonzales. And we all know how that affected Gonzo's performance as the nation's top gestapo goon. The shrub appears to be sucking up to Giuliani, figuring he'll seize the Republican nomination and go on to cheat his way into the Oval Office (with some quiet help from Karl Rove, I presume) next November.

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