Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fight Joe Cimperman's DISHONEST attack ad!

The ad Cimperman is running isn't just based on a fundamentally stupid argument (that an elected official shouldn't waste his time running for another office) that may now be used against him next year when he himself is up for re-election; it is fundamentally dishonest.

Kind of dumb, isn't it? Even if you don't like Dennis Kucinich, it's still a dumb ad. Because, really, Cimperman is being a part-time official to run a campaign against an incumbent.

I've spent a only a few minutes doing some research. And as it turns out, contrary to Cimperman's lie regarding attendance records Dennis has not missed nearly as many votes in Congress as some of the other candidates for president (king). Ron Paul missed 684 of 7034 votes (9%) since Jan 7, 1997.1 Compare that to Dennis, who missed 346 of 7034 votes (5%) since Jan 7, 1997.2 Sitting U.S. senator John McCain has missed 584 votes (16%) out of 3,710 since January 22, 1997.3 This is a matter of public record, and easily verified. This information did not take long to find. Just a candidate's name, the key words 'missed votes', and that's it. This information is ridiculously easy to locate. Cimperman must have known that what he was saying in the ad isn't true, meaning he lied when claiming Dennis has missed more votes than any other member of Congress. Either that, or Cimperman is too stupid or lazy to get his facts straight. Either way, we cannot trust Joe Cimperman to be honest with voters.

Help Dennis Kucinich win re-election. Go to and donate your time and money to his campaign. Because now is NOT the time to silence Progressives voices in Congress.

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