Friday, October 05, 2007

When is refusal to compromise OK?

Is refusal to compromise OK when it's Harry Reid saying he won't allow further compromise over SCHIP funding, this after he allowed the House version of SCHIP to be compromised? If that's so, then why did Kos come down on Dennis Kucinich for refusing to compromise on SCHIP from the beginning?

Kucinich made a stand on funding SCHIP, and he wasn't going to accept having the bill he voted for gutted. For that, you skewered him. But now, after the shrub vetoes that gutted legislation, and after Harry Reid says he won't allow further cuts to SCHIP just to be able to say he got in a PR statement, you're holding him up on a pedestal. You can't have it both ways, Kos. I don't expect a retraction of your earlier smear job on Kucinich, but I would appreciate it if from now on you'd learn to be consistent in your condemnation of people who refuse to compromise.

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