Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Democrats to OK endless, warrantless wiretaps.

It has been painfully obvious for months that electing Democrats to power in Congress has changed, and will change, absolutely nothing. Continue the war in Iraq, in spite of seven in ten Americans demanding withdrawal? Check. Pass a six month legalization of an illegal and unconstitutional spying program? Check. Help the GOP pass a resolution condemning for daring to suggest in a newspaper ad that a suck-up to the shrub might suck up to the shrub? Check and check.

And once again, Congressional Democrats are prepared to sacrifice the Constitution for the sake of illegal, warrantless wiretaps by the Bush-Cheney regime. Desperate to avoid appearing weak on national security, they have chosen to be weak on national security -- for the gravest threat to what used to be the United States of America is not al-Qaeda, but the Bush-Cheney regime. The political party we elected to power has proven time and time and time again that is is incapable of, and unwilling to, stand up to this regime and has instead chosen to be complicit in its crimes against us and against our Constitution. Nothing short of the 'r' word (I hesitate to type it out, lest I find myself disappeared to some CIA torture gulag) will free us from this tyranny.

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