Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why the failure last week matters.

Just how badly did the Democrats fuck up last week, when they caved in to the Shrub and wrote another blank check for his war? Cindy Sheehan quit. That's how badly. A woman who lost her son to this illegal and immoral war, who has spent every waking moment since then to try and hold the murderers of her son accountable, and who spent so much time trying to get Democrats to do their part and end this war...the woman who became a face of the anti-war movement has thrown up her hands in disgust and called it quits. She got the message, loud and clear: the so-called opposition party is so horse-whipped, so resigned to being the collective bitch of the Bush regime, that it is no use trying to salvage it anymore.

Congratulations, Democrats; you alienated the woman whose crusade against this war and its murderous architects who killed her boy helped get you elected to power after twelve years in the wilderness. Are you happy, now? Your collective silence will answer that question soon enough.

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