Sunday, May 27, 2007

Make LIEberman a top priority for recall elections.

Last week the Rude Pundit wondered if the reason Senate Democrats caved in to the Shrub on funding the Iraq war was Joe LIEberman's threats to caucus with the GOP if they didn't do as the dictator told them. Now, apparently, there is no longer cause for wonder. LIEberman, bitch to Bush that he is, again threatened to caucus with the GOP again so that the Senate would be split and Dick Cheney would be able to take it over, thus throwing control of that body to the GOP. So I'm add his name to the top of the list of assholes and cowards to launch recall elections against.

Joe LIEberman -

Nancy Pelosi -

Steny Hoyer -

Rahm Emanuel -

David Obey -

Jack Murtha -

Ike Skelton -

John Conyers -

Harry Reid -

Robert Byrd -

Barack Obama -

Hillary Clinton -

Let us not forget, ladies and gentlemen, that Joe LIEberman is a fucking Republican. He is loyal, not to his constituents, the U.S. Constitution or the nation; rather, he is loyal to a dictator who has assumed for himself absolute power to run this country in contravention of its Constitution, the rule of law and the will of the people. The Connecticut GOPer, who lost the Democratic Party nomination for senate last year to anti-war challenger Ned Lamont, refused to take the message from his own constituents to step down and ran with Republican money and votes. He won, caucusing with the Democrats only so long as they surrender to the Shrub's demands. If they dare do anything that might actually oppose the dictator, he is prepared to drop the final pretense that he is anything other than a Republican stooge and cause the U.S. Senate to revert to GOP control. That is why he is at the top of the list, and will remain so.

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