Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rudy Giuliani - A Political Rotten Egg

Am I dreaming, or are Repubs trying to whitewash another pig? First Ronnie, then George I, then George I.5 and now...Rudy? I mean, I know that the primaries are 2 years off and the pig in question probably won't make it past the first few primaries, but didn't they say that about Flubya? Fortunately, I don't believe that this particular pig will wash, but as a lifetime NYC-er, the thought of this *#@%! achieving national office is simply horrific. What's worse is that most of the nation, nay most of the world, thinks of him as a demigod - the "Mayor of the Universe", hero of 9/11 who fearlessly battled the forces of evil and eradicated crime in New York. Truth was, by the time Rudy's tenure was coming to an end, his approval ratings were in the toilet. Had it not been for 9/11 he would have been lucky to get a private sector job as a telemarketing trainee. But I'm getting way ahead of myself. In the coming weeks, I hope to expose the real Giuliani as New Yorkers knew him with the optimistic view of hastening his permanent political demise.

Where to begin.Well, the chronological approach seems as good as any, so let's step back for a brief moment to his pre-mayoral days. As a federal prosecutor under Reagan, some would say that he did a good job, and they'd be partially right - he tackled the mob with excellent results. Of course, he neglected to disclose to the FBI (as required by law) that his father was a Mafia underling who served a stretch in Sing-Sing for robbing a milkman. This info did not come to light until much later so it will come up again in a future post.

In 1982, he was entrusted with the job of making sure that no Haitian refugees made it into Miami.. At the time, there was a class action lawsuit seeking the release of 2,100 refugees in federal detention camps. Giuliani went to Haiti and upon his return. said there was no political oppression and that the Papal Nuncio in Haiti had personally informed him that the refugees were "economic" refugees and not political ones. The Papal Nuncio said that no such conversation ever took place. Rudy! Wotta fun guy!

Next - The mayoralty years.

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