Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oliver North Contradicts McCain & LIEberman

Essentially, Oliver North called Republican senators John McCain and Joe LIEberman liars.

According to News Hounds, North -- a traitor who helped Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in their own acts of treason by way of selling weapons to Iran and funnelling the profits to the terrorist Contras in Nicaragua -- went on Fox Noise's Hannity and Colmes and declared that "military commanders in Iraq never said they wanted more troops, despite the claims of Senators Lieberman and McCain to the contrary. With video." The segment, according to News Hounds, was about an editorial in the Washington Post criticizing U.S. troops who in turn criticize critics of the Iraq war. Kind of confusing reading that, but then so is most of the doublespeak coming out of Fox Noise Channel.

It should be noted that North's intention was to rant and rave against dissenting members of the media. As News Hounds put it, "North, convicted of lying to Congress during the Iran-Contra investigation (his conviction was overturned on a technicality) joined in the lie-fest."

This is how it apparently went down (copied and pasted from the News Hounds link):

Colmes then asked North about a comment he made on O’Reilly’s show in January opposing the troop surge because the soldiers opposed it.

North insisted he had not changed his views, that while he had not been for more troops, now that the president has made the decision, he supports it. North continued, “I was there with the same guys who briefed John McCain and Joe Lieberman and they told (McCain and Lieberman) the same thing and they walked out of the briefing and said (the military) wanted 20,000 more troops.

Now go figure. And I know what was said because I lived with those same guys.

Colmes asked, “What did the troops say? They said they did or did not want reinforcements?”

They said what they wanted were more trainers, more MTT’s, these military transition teams, these police transition teams, that are working in Al-Anbar to bring Sunni and Shia to work together against Al Qaeda. That’s what they said they wanted, not 20,000 more combat troops.

This presents an interesting bit of irony. North, a convicted liar trying to discredit war critics, is contradicting false statements by LIEberman and his buddy McCain -- two of the Bush regime's biggest enablers in the U.S. Senate who support an escalation even the U.S. military does not support (polls by the Military Times show only 38% of soldiers favor the proposed surge by the Shrub). Ordinarily North's credibility is nonexistent, given his penchant for lying. But in this instance, he is supported by the facts at hand: polls conducted by military newspapers show that yes, even most soldiers do not see the sense in adding another 21,000 + troops to a failed occupation. McCain and LIEberman are not.

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