Sunday, November 05, 2006

Who's Weak On National Security?

All George W. Bush and his enablers, both in the White House and in Congress, can do is falsely accuse Democrats of being weak on national security. That's because if forced to defend their woefully inadequate, and even criminal policies, Republicans know they'd lose even bigger -- leaving no way to make elections close enough to cheat their way back into power without it being obvious enough to the public that it actually does something about it.

The problem for the GOP with this false accusationis that it's a lie. In fact, not only are Democrats not weak on national security, Republicans have proven time and again they are willing to compromise national security for the sake of political gain. Case in point: the outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson as a CIA operative, and posting nuclear weapons specs on the Internet for anyone to find.

Yep, you read that correctly, folks. The Bush White House, in trying to lie its way out of trouble over the fact it lied about Iraq's alleged WMD programs, had posted specs for nuclear weapon technology on the Internet. The revelation, made public by the New York Times, has Democrats in an uproar -- and rightly so.

Is there any doubt left, outside the increasingly smaller circle of kiss-asses Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld have surrounded themselves with, that it is the GOP which poses the greatest threat to American security? They gave out specs for making nuclear bombs over the 'net, for crying out loud!

And speaking of Rumsfeld, the four military newspapers keeping our Armed Forces "informed" about what's going on back home have decided to call for the arrogant, sanctimonious asshole's resignation -- no matter which political party ends up controlling Congress.

When even the military's branch newspapers are calling for Rumsfeld to go, you know it's bad. It means the sentiment among our Armed Forces about the civilian authority doing them so much harm has become one of absolute disgust. And it is showing. Publicly.

Bush will not fire Donald Rumsfeld, or ask for his resignation; the jerk is part of The Big Four of the Bush White House. They're staying in power as long as they can stay, so they can do as much damage as they possibly can before time inevitably removes them from power.

The Bush regime, and the Republican Party, have compromised national security on too many occasions to be allowed to remain in power. Even once is too often, but this current generation is the most dangerous. It is not Democrats who are weak on national security; it is not the party that has been completely shut out of the legislative process for years that is soft on terrorists. It is the Bush regime and Republican Party who are truly weak.

Don't be afraid. Be angry. The RNC is set to carry out an even bigger act of mass, systemic electoral fraud than ever before. And the last three election cycles were pretty big. The GOP's ability to maintain its stranglehold on power hinges on low voter turnout, low enough that they can rig the midterm elections to go their way.

Don't let them. I want you, dear readers, to get good and angry about this, and vote Democrat. Get as many registered voters as possible to do likewise. Vote Democrat in such numbers that election theft will be impossible this time for the Republicans to carry out. This is America's last chance to use the electoral system to change a corrupt and criminal government. Don't let the true enemy steal our country again.

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