Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Message To Fundamentalist Whackos

Before I get into the point of this entry, a word about Bob Ney, who waited until he could collect one more paycheck before stepping down due to pleading guilty to multiple crimes:

Ney pretty much killed his successor's campaign. He forfeited his House seat by committing crimes in office, and not running for another term was the only thing he could do; Ney would have lost anyway. Now, having selfishly held out for just a little bit more money he won't be able to use in prison, he has ensured Democrat Zack Space's victory over GOP replacement candidate Joy Padgett. Space leads 58% to Padgett's 33%. One has to imagine the RNC leaders are thinking to themselves, "was it worth fucking us over just to receive that last paycheck, Bob? Thanks a lot."

And now, the point of this entry.

A lot of you extreme right-wing, religious fundamentalist assholes might be wondering if it's worth going out to vote for Republicans on Tuesday. You might be wondering, as yet another hypocritical shithead is caught doing the very things he regularly ranted and raved against while you sat on your lazy asses ceding all free will and thought to him, if you've been used.

You might be wondering, some of you undoubtedly having read Tempting Faith, if the Republican Party really cares about you or the bigoted, wholly ignorant beliefs you've chosen by "virtue" of your own intellectual laziness to embrace. You might be wondering, in the aftermath of revelations that top Republican lawmakers knew about the sexual predations of one of their own and covered them up in order to protect their party's stranglehold on power, if the GOP really represents you.

This is the Truth Zone, and more often than not the Truth is the most unpleasant thing in the world to face. Mostly by those who want to wrap themselves up in the warm, fuzzy blanket of self-deception.

And the cold, hard truth you fundies don't want to face is this: Republicans don't care about you, or your beliefs. All they care about is pandering to you, because they know from experience they can fool you into voting for them every time. They know their fellow frauds, like wannabe politician Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and D. James Kennedy, are ready and willing to lie to you every day until you're too brainwashed to think independently.

While you stupidly vote for corrupt men (and women, too; this is the 21rst Century no matter how badly some of you despise that fact), those very same corrput people are laughing at you behind your backs. Laughing, while they protect sexual predators in their midst and fuck you over on all the whackjob issues you've come to love because someone you handed your free will over to told you to love them. And you believed them all when they ranted and raved right along with you, hypocritically railing against gays getting married even as your jobs went overseas and America's sons and daughters were sent to be murdered in Iraq for the sake of the Bush regime's greed.

Even though Britney Spears treated marriage as if it were no more than a joke, to be played in a drunken moment of childish behavior, and the divorce rate is at over fifty percent, you let yourselves be lied to. You believed the corrupt politicians, who were busy having sex with male prostitutes while tripped out on meth and cruising the 'net for teenaged boys to seduce, when they told you letting law-abiding gay couples marry would destroy the sacred institution of marriage. You stupid fuckheads want to know who's really destroying marriage? Look in the mirror, assholes. If straight people can't be bothered to take marriage seriously enough to treat it with respect, what makes you think letting gay people marry will do anything to hurt it further?

Some of you may, at long last, be realizing the truth -- like slowly but painfully waking up from a night of drunken partying and feeling the incredible hangover you knew would come but didn't care because, hey, that's later on so why worry about it? Some of you might finally be waking up to the fact the Republican Party doesn't give a shit about you. That they only pretend to care because they want nothing more than power, and they need your gullibility and willingness to vote against your own interests to help them keep it.

With that realization, why bother to vote for them at all? Why vote for people who laugh at you behind closed doors, who don't really give you more than crumbs from the table, who lie to you as they pretend to share beliefs they know are batshit insane but too cowardly to ever tell you to your face?

You do it because in the end, you enjoy being lied to. You enjoy not having to think for yourselves. And you enjoy the mad rush of hatred that fills you every Sunday as hucksters and charlatans like D. James Kennedy preach the exact fucking opposite of everything Christ taught.

Do us real Christians a favor, will you? Pull your heads out of your asses, and your eyes out of the Old Testament, and start reading the Gospels. Start reading the Word of Jesus Christ. Did He tell you to hate gay people with such rabid ferocity that it isn't enough for you to deny them the same legal rights straight married couples take for granted, you have to hound them into their family lives by trying to deny them the right to raise families through adoption? Did Jesus tell you to deny the poor and suffering the charity He preached about, by way of fighting government programs designed to help the poor and suffering? Did He tell you to fight abortion as murder, even as you cheer on politicians who send our children overseas to murder other children?

No, He didn't. Jesus told you none of those things. Yet you let yourselves be brainwashed by false prophets, who twist the Word of God into their own personal political tool with which to control people too lazy to think for themselves. You let yourselves be fooled into thinking politicians whose only objective is power would look out for you, that they would hand the country over to the likes of you. It's not about morality as far as these lying assholes are concerned; it's about control. And you cede control of your own lives to them.

So on Tuesday, even with the knowledge that the GOP is not your friend, that it is not really on your side, you might still go to the polls and vote for them. You might still confirm, in the end, that they are right about you -- that they can rest easier knowing you are too stupid to abandon the abusive liars who use you and then ignore you until the next election cycle, throwing out crumbs over which you fight like starving dogs in heat.

The politicians you trust don't care about you, yet you'll vote for them anyway. The scam artists who pretend to be preachers, like Ted Haggard and Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, turn out to be the very insidious threats to morality they say you should look outward for. It never occurs to you to look inward for the true enemies of morality. And still you will vote for whomever they tell you to vote for.

But in the end, is it really all worth it? When the polls close on Tuesday, and the Democratic ballots are tossed out in the garbage by criminal Republican elections officials, will you really have what you think you want? Will America be any more moral than it was less than a month ago, when Republican Mark Foley of Florida was caught stalking teenaged boys over the 'net while his fellow GOPers were revealed covering up for him? Will America have saved the institution of marriage by persecuting gay people, who in the end make up a minority of the population -- even as pop stars continue to treat the institution as if it's a great big joke? Is it really and truly worth voting Republican this year?

The answer to these questions, of course, is no. But the question that really bears asking is, will you finally realize it?

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