Monday, August 14, 2006

We've Heard This B.S. Before

Reading the news online, one gets a distinct and sickening feeling of déjà vu. George W. Bush, having lied repeatedly and shamelessly about Iraq, kicked off his regime's campaign to invade Iran with another pack of lies--and they're ones we've heard before.
Bush added Lebanon to Iraq and Afghanistan as a front in what his administration calls the global war on terror. "The conflict in Lebanon is part of a broader struggle between freedom and terror that is unfolding across the region," he said.
One may find any number of examples featuring Bush or one of his fellow liars making similar claims against Iraq before invading that country, linking it to the broader war on terror. Hitler would be proud, or very jealous, listening to the Shrub lie his ass off in his endless attempts to rowse up the populace to another unprovoked war.
"It's no coincidence that two nations that are building free societies in the heart of the Middle East -- Lebanon and Iraq -- are also the scenes of the most violent terrorist activity," Bush said.
Yes, and that is directly attributable to the terrorist activities of the Bush regime and its equally terrorist counterparts in the Israeli government. Bush took the U.S. into Iraq and turned it into a terrorist magnet in the throes of civil war. Ehud Olmert launched an invasion of Lebenon even though that country had no control over the actions of Hezbollah, choosing to level a country that was already trying to move toward democracy and away from terrorism.

George W. Bush and his treasonous regime had made up their minds long before September 11, 2001 to invade Iraq and pave the way for a complete takeover of the Middle East, where the largest known oil reserves are located. They don't care that they've fucked up the occupation of Iraq, and they don't care how much innocent blood will be spilled for their greed. As long as they get their little world empire, everyone else is just fodder.

Most Americans did not support going into Iraq in the first place, not without a U.N. mandate. Now that the lies and incompetence have been revealed, we want out. And we don't want to live as an empire, or exist under the yoke of a homegrown dictator who thinks he can turn our country into a police state. This November, America needs to hand control of Congress over to Democrats who will put a stop to the Bush regime.

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