Thursday, August 10, 2006

Britain Foils Bomb Plot Ignored Previously by Bush & Co.

As Joe Lieberman prepares to launch his quixotic independent run to keep the Senate seat he lost on Tuesday, it becomes more apparent that giving him the boot was the right thing to do.

Earlier today, news agencies began reporting of British authorities foiling a bomb plot by al-Qaeda to attack America again using airliners. According to CNN, the plot was mere days away from execution.

What should not be at all surprising is the fact Bush & Co. had absolutely nothing to do with preventing this attack; apparently, they didn't even know about it until earlier this week, as authorities in Great Britain were preparing to make arrests.

It is appallingly clear that had the British not acted in enough time, another terrorist attack would have occured on American soil while Bush & Co. sat on their asses and did nothing--because they were too busy focusing their attention on Iraq and turning America into a corporate police state.

Bush's regime purged the CIA of any and all people who might have been capable of uncovering this planned attack, replacing those people with yes-men with no understanding whatsoever of the Middle East or of how to do proper intel work.

It is a sickening demonstration of the apathy and incompetence of the Bush regime. Al-Qaeda should, nearly five years after the September 11th attacks of 2001, have been wiped out long ago. Its continued existence, and the continuing threat to America from that organization, proves the invasion and occupation of Iraq has not made us safer. It took the actual efforts of another country to do the work our own government should have been doing.

What will happen when al-Qaeda learns from its failure this week to carry out its attack, and manages to avoid being caught until it finally succeeds in launching another terrorist attack on America, with massive loss of life? What will happen when once again, it happens under the watch of the Bush regime?

No politician can run for office this November and honestly say that maintaining the occupation of Iraq will prevent another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Considering how close al-Qaeda came to killing thousands more Americans, every politician still in support of the war in Iraq should be shifting his position to one of leaving that country and returning focus to going after Osama bin Laden and his network of terrorists.

In a war that has been abused and mismanaged from the beginning, and that has failed on every level under Republican misleadership, putting any candidate who stands in support of Bush's imperialistic policies in office could cost American lives.

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