Sunday, June 04, 2006

O'Lielly Once Again Dishonors American Troops

This made my blood boil when I viewed it. And it stands as but the latest example of why Bill O'Reilly is a worthless pile of shit.

Keith Olbermann once again exposed the Faux News star's lies, this time concerning the massacre of American soldiers by nazis at Malmedy.

What had actually happened was American prisoners of war were rounded up in the town of Malmedy and shot by their nazi captors.

However, in his usual attempts to justify the heinous acts committed at Abu Ghraib prison and at Haditha in Iraq to guest Wesley Clark--a former Army general and former commander of NATO forces in Kosovo, O'Reilly for the second time flipped it around to falsely accuse the Americans of having mercilessly shot nazi prisoners.

This shit is beyond the realm of indecency folks. It ventures into obscenity by spitting on the memory of American soldiers murdered by the nazis, in an attempt to justify crimes committed in an illegal war of choice. O'Reilly deliberately lied--twice--about our soldiers of more than sixty years ago, for the sake of pride and ratings.

Everyone who watches Faux News even casually ought to be offended. So much so, that they should call for the immediate termination of Bill O'Reilly's employment at the cable network and a full apology by Rupert Murdoch for having subjected viewers to his bile.

Not that Murdoch would ever listen much less comply with such demands. But still, it would at least have the benefit of letting him know what we the viewers think of the filth that is Bill O'Lielly.


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