Monday, June 12, 2006

His Rudeness Calls It Again

I have to admit, I get a huge kick out of reading the profane, prophetic Rude Pundit. Yes, he does say the word 'fuck' a little bit too much. And maybe his fixation on describing acts of sexual perversion so depraved they can only be applied to members of the Bush regime and their enablers in the right-wing press does wear a little thin sometimes.

But you've got to admit, he does know how to get a point across. Like imagining George Orwell laughing his ribcage apart in his grave at how the assholes running things at Gitmo have spun the suicides of three detainees as acts of psychological warfare, instead of the desperate escapes of men so worn out from torture and humiliation with no end in sight that they saw no other way of freeing themselves except to take their own lives.

Let me be abundantly clear: caging a human being up like an animal (regardless of what he has or hasn't done to deserve it), torturing him, depriving him of any and all contact with the outside world, and reducing him to the level of a mere beast does not induce him to kill himself as an act of warfare against his captors. It induces that human being to kill himself because he just cannot take it anymore.

Thanks once again to His Rudeness for telling it like it is.

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