Sunday, November 07, 2010

Far'e thee Well

This isn’t goodbye; it’s just a “See you later”. You see I’ve had enough. I’ve been writing for over six years now and I feel like I just haven’t gotten my point across at all. I’ve tried to explain that there isn’t a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. At one time there was, but not today. The moneyed interests have co-opted the two parties that most Americans believe this country was founded on. The truth couldn’t be any different. Not one of our “founding father’s believed in political parties until at least 10 years after we won our independence from Great Britain. The whole stinking mess is what an old friend used to call “A bucket of worms”. These political parties work for the same people that most of us love to hate. The really sad part is that most people can’t see through the hyperbole.

They play a great game. They get you to hate each other over “straw man arguments” that most of us could care less about, gay marriage, immigration, religion and prayer, legalization of drugs and other issues that really don’t mean anything. These are State’s issues and the States are responsible for regulating these things.
The truth is that we are waging a World War for conquest of the world’s resources. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. The Democratic Congress could have denied funding for all our wars but didn’t. Have you ever wondered why? Now we have a Republican House and everyone is shaking in their boots. Why? What will they do that the Democrats haven’t already done? Do you honestly believe that things will get worse? How much worse will they get? We already have an overreaching federal government that reads our e-mails and takes cursory looks through our computers and taps our phone lines! What’s wrong with this picture? Where was Obama when they legislated all of this? Mr. Innocent he isn’t.

I’m going to take a few months off. I
need to get in touch with my wife and family. I need to do the things that will make me a more thoughtful person, I’d like to read some novels and pay more attention to my grandchildren. My voice won’t be missed; you all have your “political parties” to rail against, even if they are controlled by the same people. I’ll be back, but not for awhile. I’m tired of screaming at the wall. It doesn’t answer me back. As Dylan said “Goodbye’s too good a word so I’ll just say “Fare thee well”. I’ll see you again when you catch up.


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