Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm not buying it.

To read the Rude Pundit blow the Obamassiah in writing, only to complain about the senator's craven and cynical capitulation on FISA and telecomm immunity, is truly an exercise in tedium. I imagine it's like the Puritans back in the day, when they were hanging their neighbors on trumped up charges of witchcraft, whacking off on the witness stand with their left hands while using their right to accuse their fellow hypocrites; yeah, they're prudish and homicidal, but they're secretly into all sorts of kink, so they've just got to be cool. Never mind that they helped murder people with whom they shared cider at the last barn-raising.

First things first: you do NOT get to complain about Obama's capitulations and selling out of the left in this country while at the same time dissing the e-mails of any and all who tried to warn you about him as "pro-McCain voter suppression screeds." No, you insipidly stupid motherfucker -- to accuse people who tried to tell you what's what and who now boast having told you so once you realized how low a low-life Obama really is, of "doing the work of the Republicans," only to turn around and lament the loss of Fourth Amendment rights thanks to the candidate YOU so knowingly supported even as you ripped into the now-former candidate who ended up voting the correct way for a change, is beyond the pale.

YOU, Rudy McRuderton, having boasted so often as to border on the comical of how you supported Barack Obama and continue to do so -- all the while claiming, so dishonestly, that you knew what he was all along -- do not have the right to complain about this shit. YOU helped your fellow bitches in the corporate media and in the zealous, compliant Obama cult sites (such as Daily Kos) inflict this shit upon America. YOU blew off any and all criticism as helping John McCain, never mind that those of us who saw through the Obamassiah from the beginning gave plenty of solid information (such as articles from the Boston Globe). You do NOT get to accuse US of enabling John McCain or anyone else, you imbecile.

No, you're so full of bullshit, Rude Pundit, that it's gushing from your ears. Fewer and fewer people on the left are buying into the lie that you were anything other than just another moron inadvertently doing the work of the DLC throughout this entire campaign. Obama won't lose in November because of we who had the balls to call bullshit when it truly mattered; your boy will pull that one off all on his own, and deep down, you fucking know it.

So go ahead, boy; keep lying to yourself that you aren't in part responsible for the latest gutting of America. But you are THROUGH lying to the rest of us. We're just about done putting up with you assholes.

Second: Now that you've saddled us with the candidate YOU wanted, as opposed to one the country NEEDED, what are you going to do? You have no credibility at all when it comes to bashing third party and independent candidates for president. Not only that, you have ZERO credibility when it comes to pointing out how much "better" your guy is than that maniac, McCain -- Obama's spent every day since locking up the nomination that he is absolutely NO better, and in some critical ways is actually much worse. You KNOW this, or else you wouldn't be taking such unearned offense at the criticisms leveled at you from your readers (the ones you so cowardly accuse of working for that bloated-necked motherfucker).

So what's there for you to do, but one of two things? You can keep making yourself irrelevant, or you can redeem yourself by joining in the effort to force Obama to be what the left -- and the rest of the country -- needs him to be. Start urging people to back Nader, or Cynthia McKinney, or the write-in of their choice (whichever and whoever works), and tell Obama that if he wants to be president, this pandering to the far right ain't gonna make his ambition reality. Urge people to say, "fuck off, Dems," and support progressive candidates who have the records and actions to back up their fine talk.

Tell Obama to quit sucking corporate-conservative dick and do his fucking job. You helped him get it, you help make him do it. Until or unless you do that, neither I or the readers you so rudely wrote down to will buy into your bullshit anymore.

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