Saturday, June 07, 2008

If you thought the primary season was ugly, you haven't seen anything yet.

Hillary Clinton has finally conceded in her fight to win the Democratic Party's nomination to run for president, but this means only that things are about to get really, really ugly. Trust me, this fight is about to go from being comparable to a train wreck to being comparable to the atom-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When the smoke finally clears, John McCain will be the new dictator and Barack Obama will be making a conciliatory concession speech.

The Republicans are gearing up to turn their well-worn political attack machine on the Most Holy Obamasiah, starting with his ties to Antoin Rezko. That scandal shall be the Illinois politician's Whitewater, guaranteed: if Evelyn Pringle can dig up this much dirt in her six-part exposé series on Obama, you can be damned sure the GOP can, and the Noise Machine will spare no expense to tie him to Chicago political corruption. Then, of course, there's Jeremiah Wright, the pastor thrown under the proverbial bus — twice — by the senator supposedly representing Illinois. Although his sermons, listened to in their full context, are in little danger of sparking a massive uproar against Black churches, they have been and shall continue to be exploited by the corporate media and the Republicans to maximum effect — irrevocably linking Obama to Black nationalism and extremism.

If those fail to adequately tarnish the Obamasiah enough to weaken him going into November, the Democratic candidate's own embrace of DLC politicking shall contribute to his downfall. Make no mistake: Obama is a DLCer; his job is not to actually win elections, but to ensure that progressives cannot organize into a cohesive, organized, and powerful political movement. Just remember back to the granny campaign run by John Kerry in 2004. If the senator supposedly representing Massachusetts had stood in support of even one progressive issue — and there were many to choose from — he would have won in a landslide and horrors of the the last four years might have been averted. There is no reason to believe Obama will be any different.

It's still possible that Obama will manage to win despite his eagerness to throw in the proverbial towel; McCain seems so hellbent on bending over for the far right that the evangelicals may begin to question his sexuality, and his stupid attempts to appeal to the Bush crowd make him look like he's just a shrub clone to a nation so weary of the original that it began its presidential race more than a year early. But let us not forget that the Republican Noise Machine is not finished yet.

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