Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There is No Hope

I am one American that is ashamed of what this nation has become. I am sick to death of watching my country invade other nations for their oil. I am ashamed of the people we wantonly attack in the “name of democracy”. I cringe when I see police officers kill citizens with impunity and beat people as if they the police were nothing but state sponsored gangs. I am disgusted with this so-called Presidential race where you can’t tell one candidate but for their gender or race and the citizens of this country fall for the same old tired rhetoric that there will be “change”.

There will be no change, no matter who is elected. We can’t even count on the election process, Votes are not counted and voting machines are rigged. It’s laughable that any of these candidates will bring this nation back to where it once was a pillar of light in a dark world. We have become what we hate. We have seen the enemy and the enemy is us. We are not even contemplating stopping a war that we started, killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of Iraqis and Afghanistan’s while the American voter does and says nothing to stop it.

We have lost any semblance of decency that this nation once possessed. We act no better than the Germans did during World War II. There are no Jefferson’s, no John Adams no real patriots to tell this government that they have entered into fascism. While some of us sit in abject disbelief at what is being done in the name of America, other citizen’s have given up their rights to the two party duopoly that rules this nation. The media is no longer free, under the yoke of the same industries that run the government. Industries that make profit from was and in return add nothing to the bounty of this nation except consumer goods that keep the people occupied while they lose their freedoms.

So what pray tell can anyone do to change the direction this nation is bound and determined to go? The time is here when good men can no longer do anything. If the people can no longer rise up and demand that this government cease and desist its warlike ways, if the people can no longer meld together and take the reigns of power away from powerful commercial interests that make their profits from war, than this country is doomed to continue on this path of war for the sake of conquest. When our rights have been stripped and we are just a cog in the gear of the military industrial complex, we have lost all that our founding fathers entrusted to us. We no longer matter in the scheme of things. This country will be just a vehicle for the industrialists that control this country.

We have lost the will to be a part of this great nation. We are happiest when we are told what to do. The American people have become irrelevant. We deserve to reap what we have sown. After the elections it will be business as usual as we watch our government rattle their sabers against other nations. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. There will be no great “Change” if Obama comes to power. Clinton will not change things. McCain will do what the MIC tells him to be. There are no lesser of two evils, they are all under the spell of evil. I am disgusted with my own nation.

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