Monday, March 31, 2008

Video footage that makes me want to destroy my monitor.

That's the dictator of the United States being booed as he throws (like the limp-wristed sissy he is) the first pitch of the season for the Washington Nationals baseball team. The gargoyle also was booed, in 2006, when he made an ass of himself on the mound trying to act as though he could pitch worth a damn.

And as always, the boy goes back and forth between his usual cluelessness about what's going on around him, and utter contempt for each and everyone in that angry crowd. Alternating between shameless strutting, and unjustifiable annoyance -- going through the motions of something the boy so clearly would rather not be doing. Which is worse? And does it really matter, in the end? We mere mortals don't factor into the equation. We never do.

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