Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stupidity and Hypocrisy: putting your tax dollars to work, for themselves.

Why is it that the biggest morality cops always turn out to be the biggest sinners? New York governor Eliot Spitzer got caught in a prostitution scandal, and now he's facing impeachment if he doesn't resign. The Rude Pundit seems convinced, and not without reason, that this is payback for the governor going after the wrong people.
Spitzer was elected with nearly 70 percent of the vote in late 2006 following his stint as state attorney general -- when he conducted a series of investigations into financial cases, attracting much publicity but also resentment on Wall Street.

The Wall Street Journal said Spitzer had shown his lack of restraint in overly aggressive tactics as attorney general, making "extraordinary threats" to entire firms and to those who criticized his pursuit of high-profile Wall Street figures.

"The stupendously deluded belief that the sitting Governor of New York could purchase the services of prostitutes was merely the last act of a man unable to admit either the existence of, or need for, limits," it said in an editorial.
So clearly the executives and GOP lawmakers whose wrath Spitzer had incurred had every motive to go after him with all the zeal of selfish children who've been told "no" one time too many. Whether it's vindictiveness at work here or not, it was simply stupid of Spitzer -- as it is for any other public figure -- to pursue vendettas against they very sins he engages in.

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