Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who won Iowa?

As I type this, it's far too early to tell which candidate in either political party has come out on top place in Iowa. Huckabee and Romney -- two religious extremists -- are competing for first place on the GOP side. Giuliani, apparently, isn't even being discussed as a potential third place finish. On the Democrat side it still appears to be a toss-up between Edwards, Obama and Clinton. I'll update this entry as I learn more. I'm watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC right now.

UPDATE #1: It's still too early to say definitively, but John Edwards appears to be ahead in Iowa on the Democrat side. For that political party's candidates, here is how the early results break down.

(Source: Iowa Democratic Party)

Senator John Edwards : 33.70%
Senator Hillary Clinton : 32.06%
Senator Barack Obama : 31.36%
Governor Bill Richardson : 1.90%
Senator Joe Biden : 0.84%
Senator Chris Dodd : 0.08%
Uncommitted : 0.06%
Precincts Reporting: 313 of 1781
(Percentages are State Delegate Equivalents.)

I must stress again, these are early results. They do not necessarily reflect what the final tally shall be. The results page refreshes, apparently every thirty seconds or so. Countdown is reporting Obama ahead, however. My best guess as to the final winner? Fuck, I'm not even gonna bother.

UPDATE #2: Huckabee has won the Republican caucus in Iowa, according to MSNBC. On the Democrat side, here are the latest results.

Senator Barack Obama : 34.38%
Senator John Edwards : 31.61%
Senator Hillary Clinton : 31.19%
Governor Bill Richardson : 1.73%
Senator Joe Biden : 1.01%
Senator Chris Dodd : 0.04%
Uncommitted : 0.03%
Precincts Reporting: 978 of 1781
(Percentages are State Delegate Equivalents.)

Obama has pulled ahead, with Edwards and Billary W. Clinton closely tied for #2.

UPDATE #3: 1,108 of 1,781 precincts have reported in. Obama still maintains the clear lead. Edwards is slowly beginning to catch up, however, as the final results come closer to fruition. Edwards has widened his slight lead against Clinton.

UPDATE #4: 1,230 of 1,781 precincts have reported in. Obama leads still, 34.96% to John Edwards' 31.16%.

UPDATE #5: MSNBC has called Iowa for Obama, but I'm going to hold off until all precincts have reported in.

UPDATE #6: Obama has won Iowa, the final set of results is almost in. But this is interesting. As of this update, Clinton is losing ground to Bill Richardson -- while Edwards maintains his second place status. Obama has 36.86%, Edwards 30.15%, Clinton 29.84%, and Richardson up to 2.10%.

UPDATE #7: Note to Billary W. Clinton; when you just got your ass kicked in Iowa, it helps if you don't mention in your concession speech about Democrats having a nominee who can go the distance in the general election. Because that nominee isn't gonna be you.

FINAL UPDATE OF THE EVENING, 10:32 P.M. EST: I'm off to bed, the tedium of watching Clinton flail about trying to muster support among her disheartened followers has my tired ass needing to get some rest. Here are the results as I type.

Senator Barack Obama : 37.53%
Senator John Edwards : 29.86%
Senator Hillary Clinton : 29.41%
Governor Bill Richardson : 2.10%
Senator Joe Biden : 0.94%
Uncommitted : 0.13%
Senator Chris Dodd : 0.02%
Precincts Reporting: 1720 of 1781
(Percentages are State Delegate Equivalents.)

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