Saturday, January 12, 2008

Obama's just another politician.

Like anyone who values truth really needed confirmation. This was posted at Daily Kos originally, but the hyper-partisan candidate trolls seem to have gotten it removed. So here it is in all its glory, courtesy of ClintB and me.
Obama's Real Change Record

Watch the videos below and tell me this guy is about "change." In Chicago, it was more of the same. Obama said he didn't do any favors for Rezko, but that was a lie. Letters were discovered that Obama wrote for Rezko. This story is not going away. He is no better than any other crooked politician. His record speaks for itself and it "ain't" pretty...

Update: Are any of you going to address this scandal with his real record? He wrote letters for this slum owner who let his tenants live in very poor conditions! He was writing recommendation letters for the guy and you're ok with that?

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