Monday, November 12, 2007

The bastard political offspring of Bubba and the Shrub.

Hillary Clinton got some criticism, wholly justified, over the weekend after getting caught using a planted questioner in Iowa. Let's see now, she triangulates like her husband, Bill. She pushed hawkish rhetoric over Iraq and Iran, and refuses to say definitively that she'll end the war in Iraq, just like the shrub. She talks a lot without actually saying anything, just like Bubba. And now she's been caught using planted questioners, whom she uses to toss out softball questions, just like the shrub.

Good God, we're seeing the bastard political offspring of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton! What unholy union has sprung up between these two, that their elbow-rubbing should produce such devil-spawn?

I know a lot of sheep are going to start in on me for this, but to hell with them. What I'd like to know is, can it get any more apparent that Hillary Clinton is fundamentally no different from the current occupant of the White House? We keep seeing these warning signs. Hawkish rhetoric on Iraq and Iran, a health care "reform" plan that appears to be a giveaway to the HMOs and pharmaceutical companies, and now planting people in the audience to manipulate the Q&A session. These little things are adding up into something big, and frankly worrisome.

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