Thursday, October 25, 2007

Torturing University Cops Let Off the Hook.

Remember that little incident a few weeks ago, where a student at the University of Florida was asking John Kerry some questions (paranoid and frankly rude, but nevertheless an exercise of 1st Amendment rights under both the Florida and U.S. constitutions) and was assaulted, arrested and tortured by way of electrocution by campus cops as he stepped away from the microphone?

Andrew Myer is a citizen who was attending a public event on public property. Under Florida law, what his attackers committed was felony assault and battery. Who after this attack on Myer thought there might be an ounce of justice? Raise your hand if you did.

No hands, eh? Good. Because I'd hate to have disappointed anyone reading this for having pointed out that Florida's department of law enforcement has let Myer's attackers off the hook. The message of the highly publicized attack and the quiet aftermath is clear: cops in Florida are unfettered; they can assault you, torture you, falsely arrest you, and do it all with absolute impunity. Do not dare talk back, do not try to get away, just shut the fuck up and obey -- or you'll find yourself arrested and probably worse.

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