Thursday, September 27, 2007

If Bush likes Clinton, that's the biggest mark against her.

Over at the Nation, John Nichols posits that the reason the shrub likes Hillary Clinton as a Democratic candidate for president is because of all those running she is the most likely to maintain the status quo. Given the Clintons' selling out of Progressive values during the 1990s, their waffling under to Republican bullying and obstructionism, and their increasingly pro-corporate policies this is no great surprise.

What is surprising, and most disappointing, is how willing so many Democrats are to throw their support behind Clinton even though she does not represent the values of the base (or even most so-called moderates). It seems that far too many Democratic voters have learned nothing from the failure of the "anybody but Bush" mentality that handed the wimpy John Kerry the party nomination in 2004. And we all know how disastrously his campaign failed, and how he gave up so easily when it was clear even on election night that the election was being stolen out from under him. So desperate to see a Democrat, any Democrat, replace the shrub in the White House that these voters are content to remain oblivious to an obvious truth: just because there's a 'D' next to the candidate's name doesn't mean that person is fundamentally -- or any -- different from a candidate with an 'R' next to his name.

Joe LIEberman is a prime recent example. What ought to be crystal clear to Americans in general, and Democrats in particular, is that having George W. Bush's seal of approval is a warning sign about the Democrat whose candidacy he is warm to.


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