Friday, September 07, 2007

How quickly will Democrats surrender on Iraq this time?

I just thought I'd finish out the work week by asking how quickly you think Democrats will fold like no-talent gamblers after next week's report on Iraq. A war begun on lies, run rough-shod over a compliant Congress whose weak opposition party had contradictory evidence withheld from it before a crucial vote authorizing the use of force against Iraq. A war continued for years, beyond the fulfillment of the original authorization, on more lies and excuses. A war continued even after Democrats were handed control of the Legislature by an American public grown sick and tired of being lied to, manipulated and bled.

When push came to shove, Democrats caved in and gave the shrub a blank check to continue his war. Worse, they legalized an illegal and unconstitutional domestic spying program. And now with a whitewashed report that won't even have been written by the generals overseeing Iraq due next week, the GAO reporting that the surge hasn't done shit except to continue things as is, and the ongoing revelation that he's just playing games with the lives of our troops so he can manipulate the presidential candidates into accepting and continuing his war long after he has finally left office (a revelation that confirms something previously reported), the shrub is going to demand even more money for it on top of the roughly $150-200 billion blank check he's already been handed.

With all this, how quickly do you think the cowardly, weak-willed Democrats who have spent the better part of a year letting America down will cave in and give it to him?

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