Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pass me another bucket, I'm gonna hurl again.

Emperor Pissypants' tirade the other day over the resignation of his loyal dog, Alberto Gonzales, included one of the most depraved, clueless lines the dictator has spoken throughout the course of his dictatorship (and he has made thousands, if not tens of thousands):

It's sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeded from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons.

Uh-huh. Right, little boy...Gonzales' filth-ridden name was "dragged through the mud" not because he helped rewrite the rules against torture so that you could torture uncharged and unconvicted prisoners with impunity; not because he helped you politicize the Department of Justice so that it became nothing more than your personal gestapo organization, spying on Americans whose only crime was dissent, and with absolutely no judicial oversight whatsoever, and suppressing votes; and not because he perjured himself repeatedly before Congress. No, it was all because of politics. Politics (of which you have practiced the most evil and destructive to this nation) which, by the way, you've made it your life's mission to insert into everything from the environment to worker safety to education.

Fuck you, you little dipshit. You do NOT get to whine and complain because your stooge was such a piss-poor liar that even your fellow Republicans grew sick and tired of having their intelligence insulted -- to the point where some refused to rule out supporting impeachment proceedings against him. You do NOT get to throw another temper tantrum because someone told you that you weren't getting your way this time.

How many of your play-pals have left you behind, driven from office in disgrace or ahead of the shit storm you have only yourself to thank for bringing down upon you? Powell: you told him to fuck off to political retirement, after he had been a faithful and dutiful soldier to you. Ashcroft: he left, perhaps having a glimmer of human disgust at how you were treating the DoJ. Tenet: who sucked up to you as you and your gargoyle ran roughshod over the CIA and outed one of its agents. Libby, who helped your gargoyle out a covert CIA operative, was prosecuted and convicted for lying under oath and lying to investigators. He had to step down, because he was being indicted. Rumsfeld: you dumped him the moment you sensed it was time to throw a bone to Democrats and Republicans eager to investigate criminal incompetence and corruption at the Pentagon in the mismanagement of a war YOU began for greed and delusions of empire. Wolfowitz: you set him up at the World Bank, let him do whatever he wanted, and he had to resign in disgrace having been caught giving favors to his girlfriend. Rove: announced his departure just a few weeks ago, followed days later by Tony Snow. (How many paid spokesliars does that make, now? Three? Four?) And now Gonzales, who watched as his fellow sycophants departed in attempts to avoid prosecution for their own misdeeds.

Each and every one of these loyal toads left to protect you, protect themselves, or both. They left because everything you touch turns to shit, just like Harken Energy, Arbusto, America, Afghanistan and Iraq. You want to whine and stomp your feet, because one of your thugs finally did something right by resigning? Fuck you. This wasn't a result of petty politics, it was a result of you corrupting everything you touch, of you having to make everything and everyone just an extension of your political machine. Alberto Gonzales brought his troubles on himself, just as you brought yours upon your own head. So enough with the childish little temper tantrums. No one gives a shit about your "hurt" little "feelings" (as if you actually have any).

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