Sunday, August 05, 2007

The House caves in, and Bush can spy on you with no due process.

In spite of a Constitution that says Congress shall make no law infringing upon such things as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, due process, and a whole host of other civil liberties, the Bush regime has managed to get bills passed by the federal legislature that gut all these freedoms and more. We are truly existing under a fascist dictatorship, where the courts are stacked with cronies loyal, not to the Constitution but to the dictatorship and to corporations; and where the legislature passes bills that undermine and eliminate Constitutional freedoms.
The monsters who seized power in December 2000, and the cowards, cronies and enablers who have let them do whatever they want with impunity, have screwed us over time and again. And there is no limit to what they do, no checks or balances.

Yesterday, after the U.S. senate passed a bill allowing George W. Bush and his flunkies in the DoJ to spy on Americans with no due process or court oversight, the house of representatives followed suit. And they did it with help from so-called Democrats who -- again -- caved in to fear and the politics of convenience.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is our recourse? What can we do to end this nightmare? Congress not only refuses to impeach the criminal, treasonous and terrorist Bush regime; it aids and abets this gang of thugs regardless of which major political party runs things. What is there for We the People to do?

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