Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things go from worse to even more worse.

Three news items that appeared on Yahoo News:

Al-Qaeda has rebuilt its strength to pre-9/11 levels, thanks in large part to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. While Bush, Cheney and their neocon lapdogs were busy trying to plat at building an empire, Osama bin Laden's terrorist network has used the time rebuilding from the initial invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

Senate Republicans, nervous about their party's chances of retaining control of that legislative body (Republican stooge Joe LIEberman is a GOPer in all but name, abusing his caucus status with Democrats to neuter them) are "beseeching" the Shrub to change course on Iraq, as that country continues to fall apart under U.S. rule and the occupation continues to weaken the GOP's already diminished hold on D.C. Why they would expect him to listen now, when he has dismissed all attempts to get him to see reason, is beyond me.

But hey, at least the mob boss-in-chief can brag about ordering his stooges to defy Congressional subpoenas.

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