Saturday, June 16, 2007

New York Times repeats lie that Iran is behind Iraqi insurgency.

In a New York Times article, the newspaper repeated the unfounded charges that Iran is somehow inflaming the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Lebanon and Gaza. Similar charges had been leveled against Iraq in the run-up to the invasion and occupation of that country.
Even beyond its nuclear program, Iran is emerging as an increasing source of trouble for the Bush administration by inflaming the insurgencies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and in Gaza, where it has provided military and financial support to the militant Islamic group Hamas, which now controls the Gaza Strip.
This is in contrast to what General Peter Pace, a top U.S. General, reported in February: that there is no evidence of Iranian involvement in the Iraqi insurgency. According to Pace, who was at the time chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "That does not translate that the Iranian government per se, for sure, is directly involved in doing this," in response to questions about the origin of material in roadside bombs found in Iraq.

In other news, George W. Bush has told yet another lie. According to the Washington Post, he threatened to veto of spending packages proposed by Democrats on the grounds that he opposes "runaway spending".
"The American people do not want to return to the days of tax-and-spend policies," Bush said in his radio address.
Bush's regime is infamous for out-of-control spending.

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