Thursday, June 07, 2007

How you can recall them.

After doing some more research about which states may launch recall elections, and against whom, I'm revising my list of errant Democrats who either failed or--more disgustingly--refused to, stop the war in Iraq. It turns out that only certain states allow recall elections. Connecticut has continually shot down efforts to pass legislation that would allow voters to remove sitting elected officials from office. So LIEberman is safe, at least until the next time he comes up foe re-election, by which time he'll have officially joined the GOP having alienated so many Democrats in his home state. He won't be able to run without official support from one of the two major parties.

But, there are states that can hold recall elections, and fortunately those states include California, Nevada and Michigan. Nancy Pelosi may be recalled in her home state of California, John Conyers can be told to fuck off back to his home in Michigan by pissed off constituents if he continues to refuse to bring up impeachment, and Harry Reid of Nevada--a man whose very name compels one to make dick jokes--is also prime for early removal.

These are the people to go after, ladies and gentlemen. These are the "leaders" who have continually failed to do what the voters elected them and their party into power to do: end the war, and start impeaching. In my next entry, I'll explain how voters in each state mentioned can get busy on gathering signatures.

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