Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What was it all for?

We, the voting public, elected Democrats to power last November on a tide of rising anger and frustration at the stubborn refusal of George W, Bush and Dick Cheney to follow orders and end this war they started in Iraq. We elected Democrats to power so that they might, finally, grow spines and impeach the dictators who have dragged this country down to their animalistic level. And, after months of hemming and hawing, what did they do? The Democrats caved in on ending the Iraq war, acquiescing to the will of the dictator.

What did We the People bleed and sweat and break our backs for? What did we gain? Apparently, nothing at all. Nothing but more of the same, meek capitulation to the will of a boy-king who has had it proven to him time and again that there is no one--absolutely no one--who will ever tell him "no" and make it stick. No one who will ever lift a finger to stop him from getting away with murder, no one will ever punish him for his multitude of crimes.

If Democrats will not end the war in Iraq, and if they will not impeach Bush and Cheney, they will lose in next year's elections--and they deserve to. And how many lives are going to be lost, that could have been saved months ago if Democrats had had even an ounce of courage? That is the sickest part of the unfunny joke that is the American government: people are dying, and will continue to die, that shouldn't have to. And the Democrats are too fucking pussified to do anything about it.

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