Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Donation Request.

You'll have noticed the new feature in the left-hand column for making donations. I am looking for grant money with which to accomplish two projects: making a documentary about a local landmark in Cuyahoga County, and the long-term goal of transforming the Truth Zone into a web site that contains investigative reporting, media and government dog-watching, progressive theses, op-ed columns, networking, and a new IPB discussion forum. All of this requires money, which is the one element I lack. As I have said, I am looking for grant money with which to accomplish this goal. But my chances of obtaining the necessary funds through that route are slim, and I need to be able to find it from a diverse array of sources.

So I am asking for donations (minimum is $5.00 USD). By donating to this cause, you can be part of a new and exciting project that will allow for the dissemination of the Truth to a wider readership base. If this is something you believe in, I would greatly appreciate your donation. Thank you.

(In case the button in the left-hand column doesn't work, here it is again.)

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