Friday, April 27, 2007

Obama Lied.

I caught the tail end of last night's Democratic presidential debate. The main competitor for the party's front-runner status, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, lied to the audience about Iran. He said the country had "admitted" to developing nuclear weapons, and that there is no dispute that Iran is seeking a bomb. Cleveland's own Dennis Kucinich called him out on that deception, but Obama brushed him off.

These are the facts about Iran regarding nuclear weapons: to date, Tehran has not said it is developing nuclear weapons--but it has maintained that its nuclear program is for peaceful, energy-producing purposes. The CIA produced a report last November, which was brushed off by the White House, saying it had not found conclusive evidence of any nuclear weapons program in Iran.

So why did Obama choose to lie? Is it because, vying for front-runner status with Hillary "I'll say anything to get elected" Clinton, he was too big a coward to back off from his stated position of keeping "all options open" regarding Iran, including war? Americans have already been lied to by the Bush regime about Iraqi WMD that did not actually exist when the invasion was launched in 2003. The public was deceived about a nuclear weapons program, and attempts to procure uranium, that also did not exist. And we are now mired in a civil war in Iraq in large part because of those deceptions.

America deserves a presidential candidate who will be honest with them, someone who will tell them the truth even if it means risking his own political ambitions. Last night, Barack Obama proved he is not that candidate.

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DJ Wolf said...

What I truly fear is that the politicians have no power whatsoever and must conform to the aspirations of the men in shadows if they are to ever gain any position at all. I may be completely wrong but a lie is not told without motive.