Thursday, April 19, 2007

Glorification and Gonzalez

Is it really necessary for cable news channels to glorify the killer who murdered more than thirty of his fellow students at Virginia Tech University? MSNBC is not the only news website doing this; ABC, CBS and Fox Noise (with what is undoubtedly the worst front page glorification) are all splashing their new celebrity and his demented video ravings on their websites, hoping to cash in on the new flavor of the moment. Cho Seung-Hui is not a hero, nor should he be a celebrity. But the mainstream media is turning him into one, even as it pretends to demonize him. Anything to keep our attention away from reality, and away from honest self-evaluation as a society that allows such obscenities to happen in the first place.

Meanwhile, Alberto Gonzalez will finally testify before Congress as he once again attempts to lie his way out of trouble in the row over the U.S. attorney firings. More on him later, once he's done perjuring himself.

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