Friday, March 23, 2007

LIEberman again refuses to rule out switching to GOP

The Raw Story reports that Republican Joe LIEberman is once again publicly mulling a switch to the GOP, the party whose money and votes got him another, undeserved term in the U.S. Senate after losing the Democratic primary last August to challenger Ned Lamont.

"I wouldn't rule [a switch to the GOP] out," Leiberman says to [Norah] O'Donnell, adding that "my real hope here is to stay and fight for the kind of Democratic Party I joined when John F. Kennedy was president." He also says that he could support a Republican pro-war presidential candidate.
Translation: he's hoping he can force Democratic candidates to abandon, once and for all, the progressive wing and join up fully with the conservative Democratic Leadership Council -- the hawkish, pro-Israeli apartheid wing of the party that is also conveniently pro-corporate -- by holding over their heads the threat of caucusing with the Republicans, thereby throwing control of the Senate to them and halting investigations that have so far uncovered the multitude of lies told by Alberto Gonzalez under oath about the firing of eight U.S. attorneys for purely political reasons.

What's that? You doubt what I'm saying? Read on:

Earlier, the Hartford Courant reported that "money poured in" from Republican donors after Lieberman lost in the Democratic primary while running for re-election to his U.S. Senate seat. Lieberman later defeated challenger Ned Lamont in the general election.
And he did it with Republican money, political support and votes ("On August 17, 2006 the National Republican Senatorial Committee stated that they would favor a Lieberman victory in the November election over Democratic nominee Ned Lamont," according to the Wikipedia entry on him -- LIEberman would go on to win over Lamont in the general election, with a strong majority of Republicans voting for the incumbent and an equally strong majority of Democrats voting against him, as shown by a CNN exit poll last year). breaks down the vote total by party:

Democratic Votes:
Lamont - 65%
Lieberman - 33%
Schlesinger - 2%

Republican Votes:
Lamont - 8%
Lieberman - 70%
Schlesinger - 21%

Independent Votes:
Lamont - 35%
Lieberman - 54%
Schlesinger - 10%

So here's what we have with Joe LIEberman: a Republican who has been masquerading as a Democrat for years, so he could win election in a Blue State. A Republican who got all pissy because voters got sick of him lying to them and cozying up to a dictator and his party, that have run this once-great nation into the ground. A Republican who is abusing his "independent" status to force Democrats in the Senate to cave in on issues vital to the public, against the wishes of said public. A Republican who refuses to rule out making what has been obvious to everyone official, and is stating flat out that he is willing to publicly back the Republican nominee for president next year.

I'm betting LIEberman jumps ship this year, probably within the next six months. All it'll take is for him to think there is a serious chance doing so will protect his precious little tin dictator Shrubya from the growing number of official investigations and subpoenas (he's already abused his position as chairman of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee to block investigations into the regime's missteps in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina). Voters in Connecticut who were duped by LIEberman ought to feel betrayed, and respond with a very public recall election.

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