Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Neither Cheney nor Libby will testify.

MSNBC.com reports that neither vice-dictator Dick Cheney or his indicted former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, will testify at the latter's perjury trial. Which isn't surprising considering Libby is already in enough trouble for lying under oath, and Cheney is not stupid enough to get caught doing the same as his regime prepares to attack Iran. After all, it wouldn't do to face impeachment proceedings while you're trying to escalate one war and start another.

This is after months of wrangling by the defense and the prosecution, in which it was touted in the press that Cheney would likely be called to testify on behalf of his former chief of staff. In the end, given the revelations of Cheney's active role in outing Joe Wilson's wife as a CIA NOC, putting the vice dictator on the stand would have opened him up to facing perjury charges of his own. And testimony by Cheney's current national security adviser implied that Libby was an opportunistic, sneaky bastard who took credit for the ideas of his subordinates.

Damning testimony by witnesses for the prosecution, and incompetence by the defense, has spared Dick Cheney the prospect of being impeached on perjury charges. For now. But Libby's conviction and the testimony implicating the vice dictator in the leak case may yet result in the latter's own removal from office.

Only time will tell.

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