Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stating the Obvious: Bush Has No Soul

As much as I admire the Rude Pundit for his profanity-laden eloquence, he occasionally displays a tendency to state the obvious, which in this case is a blog entry proclaiming George W. Bush a "man" without a soul.

No offense, oh Rude One, but some of us figured that out a long time ago. To gaze into those blank, beady little eyes is to stare into The Abyss. Allow yourself to look too long into that gaping void, and you might find your own soul being sucked in to feed the monster's ravenous hunger.

Fortunately, the Shrub is always blinking incessantly, in the way piss-poor liars who are constantly wondering if anyone is really buying into their bullshit tend to do.

But really, does anyone need to question whether Bush has a soul, or if he ever had one to begin with? The answer, painfully obvious to anyone who has listened to him speak, is "no."

For what human being possessed of a soul could order the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of other human beings, in an incompetent and utterly futile attempt to establish a global empire (and make a hell of a profit in the bargain)?

What human, having even a glimmer of conscience, can -- having already thrown away thousands of American lives on a war of his own choosing that has devolved into a quagmire of civil warfare between the various ethnic and religious factions in Iraq from which escape grows increasingly doubtful -- so callously order an additional 20,000 soldiers to inevitable death or maiming with the additional promise of a wider war against Iran and Syria?

No one, dear reader. No one possessed of a soul, of even one shred of conscience, could after being told by everyone from his own demonic sire (himself a former U.S. president) to his generals to Congress and the American public itself, continue to drag us all on such a hell bound course.

George W. Bush has no soul. Neither, for that matter, do Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or Karl Rove.

Wake me when there's actual news.

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