Monday, October 30, 2006

American Prospect Offers Solid Argument for Voting

Lately I've been reading The American Prospect online. This morning I read a column illustrating the need for Democrats and independents disgusted by GOP corruption and criminality to vote.

Hold, Hamper, Hinder, by columnist Robert Kuttner, contains in its closing paragraph a message all disenfranchised voters should heed:
The real fraud is the theft of our democracy, by deliberate suppression of the right to vote and to have one's vote counted. The popular revulsion against the Bush administration is so powerful that even with these abuses, Democrats are likely to take back the House. Then the recovery of American democracy can begin.
One week from tomorrow, the future of our nation will be decided. This is no exaggeration; whether the Bush regime continues to abuse the power it has stolen with impunity, or is stopped cold in its tracks, will be determined by which party controls Congress after November. Democrats are favored in the polls by a significant margin, according to news reports.

It is therefore imperative, in this age of Republican corruption so pervasive as to be unprecedented in the history of the United States, for voters against the regime and its enablers in the GOP to turn out in such numbers that no amount of electoral fraud on the part of Republicans will be enough to steal another election.

With the death toll for American troops in Iraq reaching 100 this October, with yet another day and a half left in the month, we owe it to those men and women stuck in the midst of a civil war of the Bush regime's making, to ensure a Democratic victory next week.

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