Saturday, September 02, 2006

Judge Rules: No Gag Order In Iraq Rape/Murder Case

I suppose there is one silver lining in the dark cloud hovering over all our lives when it comes to all things related to Iraq; a federal judge shot down a gag order that would have prevented lawyers, and even George W. Bush, from talking about a case in which five soldiers are alleged to have raped and murdered a fourteen-year-old Iraqi girl, and killed members of her family in an attempt to cover up the other crimes.

Which means, I suppose, that a saavy critic might be able to put Bush on the spot and ask why he felt the need to send our soldiers into a war based on deception and greed, and in which no clear rules for conduct are enforced. One could, technically, ask the treasonous little turd occupying the Oval Office if he ever once considered that a war waged on a stack of lies and with no guiding moral hand would lead to such atrocities.

Of course, even assuming Bush's handlers ever let anyone near him who would ask those questions, the answers to those questions are clear: he felt the need to send our soldiers into that clusterfuck of lie-and-greed-based war because he is a greedy piece of shit, for whom too much money is never enough. And no, he never once considered his total lack of morals would create an atmosphere in which our military is handed a conflicting and often heinous standard of conduct to follow in what has become a largely lawless country. It's because he doesn't care enough to devote what few functioning cognitive abilities he has left after years of drugging and drinking to think about anyone or anything besides himself.

That worthless pile of excrement occupying the nation's highest office, and his morally bankrupt regime, have set a tone in which integrity, morality, and the rule of law no longer apply. Someone has to hold them all accountable, from the top on down. If ever there was a time to elect a Congress that will begin the impeachment process against Bush and Cheney remove them from office and send them to prison, it is now.

For Bush and his regime killed that girl and her family just as surely as if they had physically done the crimes themselves. They killed those people for no other reason than their greed for oil, power and wealth that wasn't theirs.

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