Monday, April 03, 2006

DeLay Is Finished

Oh my stars and garters, do my eyes deceive me? Looks like Tom "the Hammer" DeLay has thrown in the towel on his re-election campaign. I guess being under indictment for money-laundering does tend to kill one's chances of getting another term after all.

It's amusing to watch DeLay blame everyone but himself for his troubles. It has probably never occurred to him that his lawbreaking, corruption and inhumanity were what actually led to his downfall. Even while being prosecuted, his arrogance knows no bounds.

But this is good news. If one of the top Republican lawbreakers in the House of Representatives can come crashing down, then maybe there's hope for this country yet.


Anonymous said...

De Hammer is goin' to da slammer! Let's watch how fast he ages in the next 12 months!

dos4ever said...

OOPS! I didn't mean to be anonymous!

raven said...

hey mike, whats been going on with liberal forum?

Michael Keith said...

All I know is that the forum is down at this point. There is a theory, but nothing concrete, and I haven't heard back from the assistant administrator.

I'll let you know when the forum is back up, or you'll probably find out for yourself. Just keep checking back regularly, I try to log on daily to see if it's back up.

As for DeLay, I was thinking re-naming the title of this piece "The Hammer Falls." Sound good, or do you think that's too corny? ;^P

raven said...

whats the theory?

ya i'll check regularly

yea thats too corny, plus he fell already, he just admitted it now

Buck Laser said...

In Cat's Cradle Vonnegut translates "wrath of God" as shitstorm. I suspect that the eye of the shitstorm is yet to hit. What I fear is that DeLay's DeMise will help the GOP.

Raven said...

buck laser is dreaming big