Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Shake-Up At Bush White House = Beware a Wounded Animal

As retired generals come out in the open to publicly demand Rumsfeld's resignation, the rats continue to desert the sinking ship. White House paid liar Scott McClellan is quitting and chief political brain Karl Rove is being forced to give up dictating policy to George W. Bush.

The signs are pretty clear: the political pendulum is trying to swing the other way. It has been for years, which is why the GOP is so desperate to make sure the electoral process is rigged to maintain permanent control of the federal government.

Still, it doesn't hurt for one to get while the going's good. Just like Newt Gingrich, who was run out of D.C. only to slither back in under the radar, the members of the Bush regime know their time is almost over. They know political eras are inherently finite things, often going from extremely conservative to fairly liberal. And they bide their time, quietly working for the next time the pendulum swings their way.

This is not without precedent; Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney did it in '92 when Bill Clinton was elected president and Congress went to Democratic control--thus finally, mercifully, ending the Reagan/Bush era.

The Shrub's second stolen term in office isn't even halfway over, and he is back to being a lame duck dictator. It is evident in the way his senior-most people jump ship like the skulking rats they are.

But beware: a wounded animal is still highly dangerous. Despite a weakened military (no thanks to Rumsfeld's arrogant incompetence) and exposure of the lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, the Bush regime is still going to try to repeat itself by going after Iran. The nation is a bit more wary now, with no WMDs in Iraq and Osama bin Laden still free and plotting against us. But that won't stop these power-mad dictators from trying to wage another war anyway.

Which is why we need to be ever more vigilant against the GOP and its election-rigging. 2006 is the critical year, and they know it. The Republicans know if Democrats take back even one chamber of Congress their plans are shot to hell. And they will stop at nothing to ensure that doesn't happen.


Buck Laser said...

They're definitely in damage control mode, Michael, but events seem to have spun so wildly out of control that a real death spiral is beginning. Beside the poll-driven issues, the general's revolt, the lack of real leadership in dealing with Iran, gas prices gone out of control, and a lack of will to address immigration concerns headon--all these things could well lead us closer to all out chaos that in my recollecion. Try as he might, Dubya or his handlers can't get a Boogie Man to stand still for them

Michael Keith said...

Hence their efforts to kill free and fair elections. Ohio is pretty much fucked no thanks to HB3, which is designed to disenfranchise poor and minority voters.

Stephen Pitt said...

Without a paper trail, even a thirty percent democrat lead will vanish. As long as the tally can be manipulated and the machine code hidden, the vote, and democracy are over. Surveillance alone won't do a thing. When the tabulators - again kept out of public view for a reason - need adjustment, its just a matter of inserting a flash card. Since the machine code cannot be checked for alteration, we're right back in 2004.